Monday, July 30, 2012

{5 Things I Loved About This Weekend}

Monday already?  Man, does the time fly.
We had a great weekend filled with friends, beers, good eats, and some HARD WORK in the yard.

Here are 5 things I loved about this weekend...

1.  Relaxing on the patio after a busy busy week

2.  Sleeping in & then leisurely drinking some fresh brewed coffee

3.  The feeling of accomplishment after cleaning the house spotless

4.  Having Dan & BreAnne visit, who we haven't seen in months

5.  Finally getting our yard back to normal after the fallen trees & broken fence from the storm

What did you love about this weekend?*

(See things I've loved from past weekends here!)


  1. We had to clean the house top to bottom because we were having people over for dinner last night and I absolutely love looking around and seeing the house clean. I wish that would be enough motivation to always keep it clean!

  2. relaxing after a busy week is always a great thing and coffee in the morning on a patio is a perfect way to start my weekend. why do they always go by so fast?

  3. lovely weekend :) i loved the 3 hour yoga workshop that i didn't really want to go to, but dragged myself to and enjoyed!

  4. The first three are always favorites of mine :)


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