Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Day I Said "Yes!"

3 years ago today...
{July 3, 2009}
was the wonderful day that Brett & I got engaged!

He had a surprise weekend trip planned
and I had no idea I would come home with a ring on my finger.
Every time I think about that unforgettable weekend, I smile...

I get happy goosebumps just looking back at it all...
Love you, babe!


  1. Oh my gosh - these gave even me happy goosebumps! What a great story and wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Happy anniversary Anna! The firework shot is rad and the pics of you two are darling. It looks like it was a beautiful day and I hope you have another one today just like it :)

  3. Awesome pictures! I love a proposal story :)


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