Thursday, July 19, 2012

Coco's on the Beach (& other delicious treats)

Do you know where this magical boardwalk leads to... ?

That's where!

Coco's on the Beach is basically the best beach bar I have ever ever been to.  And it was dangerously close to where we were staying for the week in Hilton Head.  Our villa was right on the other side of that boardwalk.  Dangerous.  We probably went to Coco's at least 5 times during our week long vacation.  Not ashamed.  It is amazing.

How can you say no to drinking at noon when there's Bob Marley blasting over the speakers, refreshing cold beers & fruity concoctions to drink, and the most beautiful view of the ocean?  Try and say no!  You can't!

When we were able to pull ourselves away from Coco's, we made sure to devour tons of other tastiness on the island throughout the week.  There was froyo, fresh caught fish, amazing sangria, delish margaritas, and lots & lots of Mellow Mushroom pizza. 

Ok, now I'm hungry.
(but what else is new...)

 (Almost done with these Hilton Head vacation recaps!)


  1. No no don't be done! I'm hungry and it's not even 9a. Might be a looooooong day. ; )

  2. i love hilton head! we used to go all the time when i was little! i love the moss hanging on the trees

  3. love your blog:) can i ask where u the name of where you stayed? i would love to go one day

  4. Looks like such a fun place! Hope you're having a great time down there. (Or maybe you're back already?)


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