Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Savannah, Georgia

I can't believe it's already been almost 2 months since our Hilton Head Island vacation.  I've been a bad blogger & haven't taken the time to sit down and do a few recap posts from our trip until now!  So here we go...

Hilton Head Island is about a 12 hour drive from Pittsburgh.  And we drove it.  Yeah.  On our way down, we made a stop in Virginia to hike part of the Appalachian Trail!  We only hiked about 3 miles, but it was a fun way to stretch our legs.  We even saw a couple "through" hikers.

After our wilderness adventure, we continued driving south and spent the night in Columbia, SC to break up the drive a bit.  Turns out, Columbia is a pretty cool little town!  They even had an awesome brewery: Hunter-Gatherer Brewery.  If you're ever in the area, I highly suggest you check it out!

The next morning, we thought it'd be fun to stop in Savannah, GA on our way to Hilton Head since it was only about 45 minutes out of the way.  I've always heard about how great Savannah is and have wanted to check it out for a long time.  It definitely lived up to my expectations; such a beautiful town!

The trees were so dreamy...

I'm so glad we decided to stop in Savannah.  We could have relaxed in these whimsical parks all day long.  But alas, we could not... it was onto Hilton Head Island!

(More vacation posts on the way!)


  1. What beautiful pictures! I'm just in love with those trees!

  2. well, if you want to hike more, there is plenty and I happen to know somebody hiking it! :) glad you guys are well, was thinking about ya'll last week

  3. love Savannah and Hilton head. Beautiful pictures :)

  4. It's been so long since I've been to Savannah! These pictures are gorgeous and actually have me remembering Savannah is a totally different way!


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