Thursday, July 12, 2012

At the Lake...

Sunrises.  Sunsets.  Water skiing.  Biking.  Boating.  Tubing.  Pizza.  Beers.  Birthdays.  Family.  Fireworks.  Relaxing.  Laughing.  Lounging.  Swimming.  This was our weekend at Edinboro Lake.  Have I mentioned that I love summertime?  Here's to more weekends spent completely outside!*


  1. hahah we had like the SAME weekend!! :) I hope you had sooo much fun and got a suntan!! LOVVVVER YOU!

  2. Summer is the BEST! Glad you're enjoying!

  3. These pictures are gorgeous! I'm so jealous! D has been throwing around the idea of getting a boat, and this makes me want one even more!!


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