Friday, August 26, 2011

Camping Mini Movie

Hello & happy Friday!*

We are soooo close to the weekend!  What are your plans?  Tomorrow, my family is throwing my Grandma a surprise party for her 80th birthday.  I feel pretty confident talking about it here because I'm prettttty sure my Grandma does not use the internet.  So our cover is definitely not blown.

So last week, I made a little video of our camping trip.  But then an insane storm blew through and we lost internet, so I couldn't upload it.  Well, here we are... a week later and Comcast finally decided to show up to fix the internet.  The first thing I did was upload my video.

Ah, we had so much fun on this trip.  West Virginia often gets a bad rep, with people thinking all that's there is a bunch of crazy hillbillies running around.  But West Virginia is actually an extremely beautiful place.  I count myself very fortunate to live so close to such beauty.

Speaking of West Virginia, I think we might head down there to go rock climbing on Sunday.  That is... if we aren't super hungover from my Grandma's big bad crazy birthday party... ;)



  1. oh, i've wondered before why it is that people say crazy things about WV!? i've never been but it looks so beautiful!

  2. Pretty!!!! Waterfalls, sunflowers, crazy tap dancers?! Dreamcatchers oh my! Hav fun & happy bday grammy! BTW, what software do you use to make these videos? Would love to know! ;) xox!

  3. soo cute! i love the bike riding scenes and the dream catcher at the end :)

    did you happen to use super8 on your iphone to shoot it? that's how i made a video a bit ago.. but i tried to shoot another and all the frames are in the app but i cant. get. them. OUT and its making me CRAZY. the app keeps closing when i try to "develop" the film!! ahhhhhh!

  4. Your blog is so cute! Rocking climbing sounds so fun! Great pics!


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