Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Virginia & North Carolina {Our Great Adventure}


North Carolina!

After leaving West Virginia, we drove straight on to North Carolina.  We've been wanting to visit Asheville for a long time since we heard it was an awesome outdoorsy, funky town that we would love.  And holy crap, was that right.  Asheville was awesome.  We stayed two nights at a little laid-back hostel right downtown and it was perfect.  We spent the days wandering around and checking out all the breweries, shops, restaurants, and live music.  One of my favorite memories of our time in Asheville was when we stumbled upon this drum circle happening in the little park in the center of town.  All kinds of different people from all over town were joined together with their drums, bongos, and djembes making beautifully awesome music.  It was such a moment of community and just really made me happy for some reason.  And apparently it happens every Friday.  So awesome.

After a few days in Asheville, we headed out to the wilderness.  Pisgah National Forest.  Brett spent the day riding the epic mountain biking trails.  (Pisgah is a huge mountain biking mecca on the east coast).  And I spent the day relaxing, reading (I picked up a copy of "On The Road" at a used bookstore in Asheville), and enjoying our awesome campsite.  Come nightfall, we had a delicious camp dinner, played games, and fell asleep under the great big pine trees.  The weather was gorgeous, the forest was green, and I couldn't be happier to be spending my days outside.


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