Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nevada {Our Great Adventure}


Las Vegas was just a really hilarious experience.  We weren't originally planning on stopping in Vegas, but our route went right through, so why not!  Neither of us had ever been.  We stayed for two nights in two different hotels: The Hard Rock Hotel and Treasure Island (to which they upgraded us to an insanely gigantic suite for FREE).  We spent the days by the party pools, drinking and people watching (which was SO entertaining!).  And we spent the nights roaming around the Vegas Strip, drinking our cheap beers from CVS.  I never knew that Las Vegas had no 'open container' law and that you could just walk anywhere you'd like with alcohol.  Amazing.  It was actually really weird being in Las Vegas.  After spending a month pretty much solely in the outdoors, it was such a culture shock/sensory overload being in Vegas with all the neon lights and hustle and bustle.  We had a blast but Vegas isn't exactly our cup of tea. :)

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  1. I thought everyone knew about the open container law, it's the best part of vegas!


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