Thursday, June 20, 2013

Arizona {Our Great Adventure}


We drove into Arizona and right out the same way in the same day just to see one thing: The Grand Canyon!  We went to the North Rim, since that was the easiest side to visit without having to drive around the entire thing to get to the South Rim.  The North Rim seemed to be much more laid-back than the South Rim.  The tourist area is way smaller, there are way less people, and it's just more quiet compared to the South Rim (so I hear...).  We didn't do any real hiking while at the Grand Canyon (our legs were tired and needed a day off after Zion!) but still roamed around and checked out all the cool look-outs.  The Grand Canyon was pretty cool, but if I'm being honest, I've experienced other outdoor areas that I think are way more spectacular.  I'm still completely glad we visited though because no cross-country trip is complete without a stop at the Grand Canyon!

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  1. Those pictures are beautiful. I've never been to the grand canyon and I'm not sure I'd make a big effort to go there, but it's somewhere that, if I were close, I'd go see. At least now you can cross it off your list :)


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