Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oklahoma {Our Great Adventure}


We didn't stop overnight in Oklahoma at all.  We spent a day driving across the entire state.  And the entire time, I was completely giddy.  Why was I giddy?  If you know me at all, you know that my most favorite band has been, is, and always will be HANSON.  And Hanson is from Oklahoma.  Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I have always dreamed of going to one of the Hanson Day events in Tulsa, but haven't made it out there yet.  One day, one day.  But for now, just driving through the state and seeing the Tulsa sign made me happy.  I even drank a Dr. Pepper in Hanson's honor while passing through the state.  (Why do I still remember what their favorite drink was from 1997?!)  I may or may not have continually kept trying to get Brett to detour and head towards Tulsa.  But that, of course, didn't work very well... ;)  Oh!  And also, Oklahoma was were I had my first Sonic experience.  Oreo milkshake.  Delicious.


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