Monday, June 24, 2013

So Far...

After being on the road for a month, we are now officially California living.

So far...

...we've found an apartment & aren't homeless anymore!
It's crazy expensive compared to the east coast,
but I guess that's the price you pay to live 10 minutes from the beach.

...Brett bought a surfboard.
And goes surfing almost every other day.
No complaints here, though.  I get to chill on the beach and watch him while working on my tan.

...we've discovered some fun bike trails.
This bike trail is right by our apartment
and if you work your ass off biking up all the mountainous hills
you're rewarded with views of the ocean.  Sweet.

...Brett's beard is getting unruly.
Perks of working from home.
Though, I think this is after he trimmed it up a bit.
It was much longer at the end of our cross-country trip.

...we've been hitting up a ton of breweries.
Here we are at Lost Abbey.
(Separate post coming for this fun weekend trip we did!)

...we've been going to the beach almost every day.
When you grow up on the east coast, at least 6 hours away from the ocean,
you really appreciate and take advantage of a 10 minute drive to the beach.

...I've been listening to Hanson's new album nonstop.
It came out last week and has literally been my "anthem"
for our new lives in California so far.

...we've been buying a ton of fresh produce.
And making delicious things like guacamole and salsa
every single day.

...we've enjoyed many, many, many beach sunsets.
Again, when you grow up 6 hours away from the ocean,
beach sunsets are the bees knees.

...we've gone to Pizza Port a million times already.
You just can't beat awesome beers and cheap delicious pizza.

...I've been reading a lot.
And am currently loving this book -- "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed.

...I've been running a lot.
There are tons of cool and challenging trails to run on near our apartment.
I am liking that I can change up my route every day.

...San Clemente still stands as my favorite beach town in California.
And I have a feeling that's not going to change.


  1. i need to take you to big sur... shits all over socal beaches (;

    also.. yay you are here!!!

  2. I've never been to California before, but these photos are making me realize that I need to travel to the West coast sooner rather than later. Enjoy the gorgeous beach!!


  3. (catching up on blog posts... :)

    Looks like you guys are settling in well!! So much fun. And hope your new job is going well!


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