Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Colorado {Our Great Adventure}


Colorado was a real treat.  We had the privilege of meeting up with our great friend, Alan!  He lives in Durango and we couldn't pass up the chance to stop by for a visit in his beautiful town.  We spent the day walking the streets of downtown, eating lunch at a local brewery, and hiking a trail through the tall aspen trees.  We ended the night sitting around the campfire and catching up since we haven't seen each other in way too long.  Hopefully, now that we aren't so far from each other, we'll be able to get together more often than before.  Right, Alan!?

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  1. Yaa! Esp. after seeing more of your photos in your new home in Cali-bunga! It's on my radar to come visit sometime this fall. Twill be good for me to travel West West and see great people like you and Brett.

    Love you guys!


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