Friday, June 21, 2013

CALIFORNIA!! {Our Great Adventure}


We made it!  After driving through 14 states in 25 days, our cross-country road trip is officially complete.  Funny story: our goal of the trip was to take a picture of every state sign while crossing into the state.  We got every single state EXCEPT California.  Once we realized that we missed it, I made Brett turn around and drive by it again so I could get the picture.  Mission accomplished.  :)

We've now been in California for about 3 weeks.  We are still getting settled and adjusted to all the differences of the west coast compared to the east coast.  And there are a lot of differences.  :)  But we've been taking advantage of the beach being so close and checking out all the outdoorsy activities in the area.  Lots to explore and discover.

And now that I am finished with all of my cross-country trip posts -- It's back to blogging about our daily lives (but now in California instead of Pittsburgh).  Enjoy!

PS --
Happy First Day of SUMMER!!

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  1. Haha I love that you made him turn around so you could get the shot - totally something I would do. Welcome to the West (best?) coast.


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