Monday, January 16, 2012

The Weekend I've Been Waiting For

This weekend was the weekend I've been waiting for.

A weekend free of house-related projects.  A weekend spent celebrating our 6 year anniversary.  Friday and Saturday were fun with a dinner date at Pasta Too and a get together with friends.  But Sunday was my favorite.

The day started with pancakes.  Delicious, filling, terrible-for-you pancakes.

After breakfast, we went on a mini adventure frolicking around downtown.  We jumped on the trolley and road into the city, destination Strip District.  The Strip is where you can find anything from fresh fish at Wholey's, to authentic Italian at Penn Mac, to true Mexican at Reyna Foods.  We were cooking in Sunday night so we wanted the best of the best ingredients for our home-cooked anniversary dinner.  We roamed the streets of the Strip, ate world-famous pepperoni rolls from Mancini's, and grabbed a beer at Sharp Edge.  All before catching the trolley back home.

When we got home, we spent a good hour de-thawing... it was a whopping 15 degrees outside all day.  Maybe not the best day to run around the city?  Nah!  We had fun!  We spent the night cooking our anniversary dinner with all the fresh ingredients we got from the Strip.  Red wine, cheese and crackers, bruschetta, and the main attraction: fresh pecan crusted salmon and rice pilaf.

It was a wonderful anniversary weekend.  I can't believe we are now going on seven years of being together.  SEVEN.  If, fifty years down the road, we still get giddy drinking wine, dancing in the kitchen, and cooking sweet dinners for each other in our little home, I will be one happy girl.


  1. The food in this post looks amazing. Especially the pancakes, which make me look forward to tomorrow's breakfast already.

    1. Thank you!! I loove pancakes even if they're terrible for you. :)

  2. congrats to you on SIX whole years!
    Wow, what an accomplishment.
    I seriously cannot even fathom that.
    What a wonderful, loving relationship you two must have. :)

    It looks like you had a lovely time.
    Here's to year number 7!!!!

    1. Thanks!! :) How long have you and your guy been together? You seem like the sweetest couple!

  3. congrats on seven years together. when we were married seven years i couldn't wait to say "seven years and no itch!". looks like it's the same for you two.

  4. Oh gosh, how much I love weekends when Lowe's and Home depot are not involved!

    Happy anniversary!


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