Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dale's Best Man Speech

In my brother's wedding this past weekend, his Best Man was his roommate from college, Dale.  Dale had been talking all week about how excited he was about his Best Man speech and wouldn't tell any of us what it was.  Well, come Saturday, Dale got up at the reception to give his speech.  But instead of standing there at the head table, he made his way over to the microphone and played a little song....

And it was HILARIOUS! This is probably the BEST Best Man speech I have ever witnessed. I loved it.  We had such a good time on Saturday... I'm kinda sad it's all over!!


  1. HAHA this is the best! How fun. I hope our wedding is this awesome.

  2. That is AWESOME!! I couldn't stop laughing/smiling the whole time I was watching it!!

    Congrats about your bestie becoming your sister!

  3. This was absolutely hilarious! I have never seen anyone sing their speech! Kudos to him because that was awesome. :)


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