Friday, May 28, 2010

que, here we come!

gooooood morning campers!*

the sun is shining
it's hot outside
it's friday
i'm only working till noon
great day!

this weekend i'll be spending all my time camping here:


brett & i are taking advantage of this nice 3 day weekend to head to johnstown to go camping at the quemahoning reservoir. this was our most favorite place when we lived in johnstown (and still is one of our favorite places).

i can't wait to...
be outdoors for 3 days straight
hike in the woods
build fires
swim in the lake
sleep in my cozy sleeping bag
watch the stars
stay up late around the fire just talking
spend time with great friends!

it's going to be a great weekend.
how are you guys taking advantage of the nice long weekend?!

i hope you all have so much fun!*

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  1. awww! that sounds like fun! let me know next time you are going so we can come!


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