Wednesday, May 19, 2010

365 in year 25

hi guys!

so i've been seeing a lot of people taking part in the 365 photo project.
basically, you just take a picture every single day for an entire year. it can be a picture of anything: yourself, something you ate, someone you met, something you did, etc.
here's a little article i found that kind of explains it.

i discovered this little project a couple months ago and i thought it would be really fun to do! i love the idea of having documentation from every single day of an entire year to look back on when i'm older. i just think it's such a neat idea. so i decided to start this project on my 25th birthday... today! so today will be my first photo and the project will conclude on my 26th birthday. and who knows, maybe i'll continue it for another year after that, and after that, and after that.... :)

anyways, i made a blog especially for my project:
365 in year 25

so here we go.... i'm excited!


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