Monday, June 2, 2014

Scenes from the Weekend

Friday sunset bike ride along the trail,
followed by dinner at Claudio's!

First watermelon of the season, yum!

Perfect weather for mountain biking in South Park on Saturday

Followed by a picnic dinner in the park
(complete with some Mmmhops & frisbee playing!)

We went down to Lawrenceville for a show at the Thunderbird Cafe
and stumbled upon this wall that matched my shirt!
(please excuse my devil eyes...)

A glorious (and hot!) sunday run around the lake at North Park while Brett mountain biked

And ended the weekend with dinner on the grill at my parent's house
(and admiring all of my mom's amazing flowers!!)

Another glorious weekend spent mostly outside with amazing weather!
I LOVE summer!!*

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  1. My husband and I just went to South Park the other day. We love it there! We always have to walk by the dog park so our little one can watch all of the doggies. lol! I've been so excited that it FINALLY feels like summer around here. It took a little while to get started. lol



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