Friday, June 20, 2014

My Sister, the Starbucks Designer

Happy Friday!!*
And it is a very happy Friday indeed!!!
For so many great reasons!!!

One of those reasons is some great news about my little sister.  A few months ago, Starbucks started a design competition called the White Cup Contest.  The contest encouraged artists to take their own designs and transform them onto Starbucks famous white cups.  When I first saw the contest announcement, I immediately told my little sister Brita about it.  She is an amazing artist and I knew this would be perfect for her.

Well, a few months and over 4,000 entries later... Starbucks has picked their winner.  And it is my SISTER!!  Check out the amazing article Starbucks wrote about her:  "Starbucks Announces the Winner of its White Cup Contest".  As the winner, Brita's winning design will be used for a limited edition Starbucks reusable cup to be sold in Starbucks' store!!  How amazing!  I truly could not be more proud and excited for her.  She deserves this times a million.

Congrats Brita!
This is only the beginning... :)

Oh and PS - I helped her set up an Etsy shop
so she can finally start selling her amazing work.
Please check it out!! -->  Designs By BLynn

{Above photo is Brita's winning design}


  1. Ah that's SO cool. Congrats to your sister & happy Friday!!

  2. What?!?! That is awesome!! I didn't even hear about this contest! Super happy for her! How cool!


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