Monday, March 31, 2014

Scenes from the Weekend

Cleveland brewery road trip edition!

Beers & lunch at Hoppin' Frog Brewery

A couple beers at Thirsty Dog Brewing Co.
(To be honest, we weren't that impressed with this place...)

Dinner & beers at Great Lakes Brewing Co.
(Now this place was awesome!  It even had a beer cellar with a bar, so cool!)

Checking out The Arcade in downtown Cleveland
(What a beautiful building!)

The Cleveland Zoo Rain Forest!

Cute giraffes at the zoo!

Final brewery stop of the weekend: Fat Head's Brewery

It was SO awesome!!  So glad we finally got to visit!

We were originally planning on going camping this weekend, but the weather was against us (rainy and cold all weekend long).  Instead of just sitting around the house all weekend, we made a spontaneous decision to go on a brewery road trip!  We hit up a bunch of breweries that we've been meaning to get to and had a blast (some were better than others... hint hint Great Lakes & Fat Head's)!  The weather was crazy, though: we left Pittsburgh and it was in the upper 50s and sunny.  By the time we got to Akron, it was pouring and then as soon as we drove into Cleveland, it was a complete snow blizzard.  It was insane!  We, of course, still made the best of it and didn't let it ruin our brewery hopping weekend.  So fun!  Cheers!*


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