Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mountain Getaway - Our Cabin

We had the most wonderful time on our little mountain getaway.  We stayed in the cutest little cabin nestled right near the Blue Ridge Mountains.  When we weren't out exploring and hiking and biking, we were spending our time relaxing here in this cozy little space.

We'd start our mornings with french press coffee and fresh air...

Then after a day of adventures, we'd come back
have a few beers and some snacks
before heading out to a local brewery for dinner...

And we'd finish off the night with a nice warm camp fire
before heading in for bed...


(Hiking, biking, and breweries coming up next!)


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  2. That looks like such a cozy and relaxing getaway! It was literally a breath of fresh air :)

  3. D and I love doing a little cabin getaway. There are so many great spots to do getaways too! What a nice refresher...

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