Sunday, October 23, 2011

Santa Monica Sunset

What is it about sunsets that give you such clarity?  I feel like when I'm standing there staring at this magnificent sight that everything just becomes clear in my mind.  Like there is a calm in the air and everything just makes sense in life.  Like all the answers are suddenly laid out so simply, right there, while staring at the colors go from blue to orange to pink.

On the last night of our California vacation, we witnessed this beautiful sunset.  It was the best sunset we saw during our whole trip, sitting there on the sands of Santa Monica.  It was beautiful.  The perfect moment to peacefully reflect on the great adventure we just had.  The perfect moment to dream about all our future adventures yet to come...


  1. gorgeous, i'm also loving our sunsets right now. especially on the water :)

  2. I love the second picture of the sunset, it is so beautiful!! So glad you had a good vacation!

    Hope you have a great day!


  3. That's so beautiful! I remember when we went to Santa Monica, we also watched the sunset from the pier. Really pretty!

  4. Such beautiful pictures! I love sunsets and loved watching a sunset while on the SM Pier. People cuddled up everywhere, someone singing on an acoustic guitar. Such an awesome experience.


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