Friday, October 14, 2011

The Hanson Concert that Never Was...

Step 1.
Get pumped up all day

Step 2:
Meet up with everyone for drinks & dinner

Sept 3:
Find out 10 minutes before doors open that the show is cancelled...

:( :( :(

I was SO excited for the Hanson concert last night.  For those of you that don't know, I am a huge Hanson fan and have been since MMMBop came out back in 1997.  Laugh all you want, I don't care.  I used to follow their tours in the Summer, going city to city with them and had the time of my life.   And now, I hadn't see them in concert since 2008 and that is like craziness for me.  So I was looking forward to this concert for a whiiiile.  But they came down with some kind of sickness this past week.  They cancelled the two shows they had before the Pittsburgh show, but said they were going to try and still do it.  Well, I guess they just kept getting more and more sick because they ended up cancelling the show only an hour before it started.  While I am super bummed, I am more concerned for their health and well-being.  Hopefully they rest up and can reschedule soon!!


  1. that's so sad!! I hope you had some sort of fun anyway :)

  2. That's too bad!~

    I didn't know they were still around! They sat behind me (FOREVER AGO) at the Juno awards!

  3. Oh no! That's too bad. I was upset too when Adele cancelled her concert the same day. But then it happened and it was awesome, so I'm sure it'll be worth the wait too.

    And I won't laugh at you. Back in the 90's, my room was filled with BackStreet Boys' posters on the wall haha (:

  4. aw, i have to admit i was a big hanson fan too! They were way cool back in the day. Gosh i miss boy bands like for reals they were so much fun!! Hanson def was in my top 5!! hopefully they're okay!!

  5. how hilarious is it that i used to loooove them too!! posters all over my bedroom walls and everything! i think i saw them in concert like 4 times. sorry you missed them!


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