Thursday, June 15, 2017

Let's Spend Every Second OUTSIDE!

Ah, it's another hot and beautiful day here in Pittsburgh!

Last weekend, we made our way down to the Three Rivers Art Festival again a few times (which apparently I took no pictures of...).  And then on Sunday, we headed up to North Park for a day of fun in the sun!  While Brett went mountain biking, Eli and I went for a run around the lake, followed by a little picnic in the grass. :)  This kid can eat a whole container of Trader Joe's fruit by himself!  And once Brett was done biking, the 3 of us headed over to the North Park pool, which was so much fun!  Eli is definitely a water baby through and through!

One of my favorite family activities is HIKING!  Any chance we get, we head over to South Park for a little hike and Eli loves it too!  When Brett suggested an evening hike on Monday, Eli and I got our stuff together and met him over at the park for a nice 1.5 hour hike.  Eli loves to pick flowers along the trail and give them to me and it melts my heart!!!

And then we went home and ate popsicles because it was NINETY degrees outside!

And now here we are at Thursday already - Brett and I are going on a little weekend getaway to Columbus tomorrow without Eli (my parents are watching him) and we are so excited!!  But we will also miss him so much, it's weird when he's not around!

Have a great weekend, friends!*


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