Friday, June 23, 2017

Date Night Hike!

Happy FRIDAY!!
We've got some fun outdoor stuff planned for the weekend and I can't wait!

Speaking of outdoors, Brett and I went on a great sunset hike a few nights ago!  Almost every week, Brett and I get to go out on a date night.  My sister Brita comes over after we put Elijah down to bed and then the two of us head out for a date.  Usually, we go to a restaurant or brewery for dinner - but this week, we decided to change things up and do a sunset hike instead!  It was the first day of SUMMER + the longest day of the year, so we figured, might as well take advantage of the extra daylight!  It was such a nice change of pace compared to our usual date night. :)

And let me say, I know how lucky we are to get to go on dates every week, with having a child and all.  I know most people do not have that luxury.  We are SO GRATEFUL that we have family close by that allows us to do these date nights.  I think it's so important, once you have a kid, to make sure you still take time to be a couple.  It's very easy to get caught up in the crazy world of parenting and forget about how important your marriage is.  These date nights give us the time we need to be together, which then allows us to be the best parents we can be for Elijah. :)



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