Thursday, June 22, 2017

Couples Weekend in Columbus

Hello and happy Thursday!  As of yesterday, it's officially SUMMER!

This past weekend, Brett and I were lucky enough to sneak off to Columbus for a little getaway!  My parents watched Elijah for a few days, so we could spend some time together without having to parent a toddler. :)  We left on Friday afternoon and came home Sunday morning.  We biked, we ate, we napped, we drank.  It was just what we needed as a couple to relax and reset.

We stayed at this adorable little airbnb close to downtown...

On Friday night, we headed over to Pins Mechanical which is a bar but also has tons of games and duck pin bowling.  It was SO fun!  And then after walking around downtown for a while, we ended up at a delicious taco place for dinner.

On Saturday morning, we slept in until like 9:30am (this is sooo late when you have a toddler)!  And then made our way over to the cutest little cafe for breakfast, where we had coffee, croissants, and macaroons.  Yum!

And once we digested, we headed out for an awesome bike ride all around Columbus!  They have some great bike trails in this city and the weather was perfect!

We were starving after our big bike ride, so we grabbed lunch at a local brewery (the food was good, but the beer was meh).  And then we deemed it time to take a nap in the park!  You gotta take advantage of this kind of stuff when you don't have your toddler with you!

After an hour or so, we eventually got moving and showered and headed out for the night!  First stop was another brewery - which DID have delicious beer and an awesome mexican food truck parked out front!  Their guacomole was sooo good!

After a few beers, we decided to make our way to dinner at a delicious italian restaurant downtown.  Oh, and ended the night with some ice cream. :)
It was the perfect weekend getaway.


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