Friday, August 2, 2013

That Time I Ate Freeze Dried Lasagna...

Happy Friday!!*

Last weekend, Brett and I spent the entire time outside.  And it was glorious.  We headed up to the San Gorgonio Wilderness near Big Bear Lake (close to where we hiked on Brett's birthday a few weeks ago) to do some backpacking.  We haven't been backpacking in foreeeever (and never on this side of the country), so it was quite an interesting experience.

We headed out Saturday morning, after spending Friday night car camping near the trail head.  It was a 6 mile hike up the mountain to Dry Lake (which gets it's name because it's a lake that dries up during the summer).  How clever.

Off we goooo...

Really cool views on the way up!
And after a strenuous climb carrying all of our camping stuff,
we finally made it to Dry Lake and the camping area!

We made it to the top decently fast and had a loooot of downtime.  If I'm being completely honest, we kind of got a little bored even... haha.  We set up our camp site and wander around the lake area.  For dinner, we ate freeze dried lasagna (because it is extremely light to carry hiking) and that was an interesting experience in itself!  We meant to bring some playing cards for something to do, but forgot, so Brett created a checker board out of rocks.  Ha!  We spent a lot of time hanging out at the dried up lake and watched the sun set behind the mountains.  You weren't allowed to have fires, so we ended up going to bed at like 9pm because there just wasn't much to do.

Since we went to be so early, we were awake by 5:30am!  We ate a quick breakfast and then hiked back down the mountain in the early hours of the morning.  And found some gigantic pine cones along the way. :)

It was definitely an interesting experience, backpacking again.  Though I think we enjoy staying at a campground (where you can have your car close by and don't have to lug all your camping gear on a hike!) instead.  That way, we can do huge killer day hikes and rack up the miles, with only needing to bring along some water and maybe a snack!  Much more enjoyable in my opinion.  Regardless, anything that gets us outdoors for any amount of time makes us happy campers.  Literally! :)

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  1. I just have this feeling if the 4 of us lived within an hour of each other, we would be doing so many of these adventures together! I can't help but think that most times I read about your awesome outdoor/home brewing adventures! I had to laugh out loud at your comment of getting kinda bored...we caught ourselves in that exact same position just this last week! we have found this crossword/scrabble/dice game which makes for the perfect backpacking game! It's even more light than cards, which seems crazy. Anyway, here is my long winded comment for saying: love it and thanks for posting the pix/stories!


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