Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Adventures with Lee & Jess

Well, our house guests have officially left as of 4am this morning.  We had so much fun having Lee & Jess here visiting.  We took them to all our favorite spots and but also had just as much fun hanging at our apartment playing endless rounds of Cards Against Humanity.

...introduced them to our favorite beach town: San Clemente...

...gave them their first awesome Pizza Port experience...

 ...and took them to various other breweries that we love, including the Bruery...

 It was sooo nice having family here and being able to hang out with some of our favorite people.  We always have the best time together!

Lee and Jess, we miss you already!
Hope your flights go smoothly today and you get home safe!
Come back and visit again soon! :)

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  1. Ooh those beach pictures are so beautiful! I love being able to show friends and family around where I live. I hope you had the best time!


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