Monday, July 8, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend

It's back!
 Per request from the husband :)

Using our awesome potholders we got in Santa Fe on our cross-country trip
Homemade pizza night!  A little burnt, but still delicious
Brewery hopping in San Diego -- First stop: Alesmith Brewing Company
Alesmith beer samplers (we didn't love their beer)
Second stop: White Labs Pure Yeast and Fermentation
Sampling beers with different yeasts to taste the differences (beer geekdom at its finest!)
A stop at the beach for some frisbee on the way home from brewery touring
Exploring the Cleveland National Forest on Sunday!
A short (and really hot!) hike
Awesome views for miles and miles
Cooling down with some In-N-Out milkshakes
And rounding out the weekend with some fresh sandwiches and bruschetta before calling it a night

My 'Scenes from the Weekend' series is back!  After a short hiatus due to moving across the country, I am finally getting back into my regular blogging routine.  And it feels great!  We had a fun time exploring different places this weekend and are slowly getting accustomed to the areas around us.  Lots more adventures to come!

Now, let's get on with the week!


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