Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Always take the scenic route..."

"Always take the scenic route..."

Last Saturday, we were on our way to dinner and decided to make a detour to the beach to catch the sunset.  There is something so powerful about sunsets.  They never fail to make me sloooow down from the daily hustle and bustle and stop to appreciate this life I live.  I never want to take sunsets for granted.  I never want to be too busy to stop and take in one of these beautiful sights.  Sometimes I feel like I actually need them... to readjust my mind and put things into perspective.  I want to see as many sunsets as possible, especially while living in California where we can appreciate them from these gorgeous beaches.  Here's to many, many more sunsets ...and sunrises, too!

Happy Wednesday!*


  1. going to the beach today! i'm hoping we stay till the sunsets so hopefully it doesnt get too cold


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