Friday, July 5, 2013

Our 4th of July -- Cali Style

The 4th of July has been celebrated, now it's really summer!

We had a great 4th of July celebration yesterday!  Back home, we'd usually spend the day with family and friends, barbequing and watching fireworks.  But since we are across the country from most of our peeps this year, we had our own fun little 4th of July celebration!

We spent the whole day in our favorite town in California: San Clemente.  We wandered around the shops and ate Mexican for lunch (eating Mexican on America's day... oops!).  We face-timed with our family and relaxed on the beach.  Then, we spent the evening at a Pizza Port BBQ (which was a blast!) and finally made our way back down to the beach for fireworks. 

Perfect summer day.


  1. Looks super fun! It's nice to start traditions somewhere new. Hope Cali is treating you well!

  2. OOh how fun! I love Mexican food on hot days, so no shame. Sounds like a wonderful 4th.


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