Thursday, October 4, 2012

Downtown Joe's - Napa {California 2012 Recap}

After frolicking around San Francisco all morning, we made our way up to Napa Valley to visit some wineries.  It was around lunchtime and we were starving, so we decided to head into downtown Napa to grab lunch before moving onto the wineries.

If you know anything about my husband, you probably know that he has a small obsession with BEER.  So it would only be fitting and expected that we eat at a small brewpub for lunch that he had been scoping out for a while now.

Downtown Joe's was awesome.  It is situated right along the river that runs through downtown Napa and has seating outside with an awesome view.  We happened to be there when a live band was playing in the park directly next to the brewery, which made our eating experience extra awesome.  And of course, what made this place even better... the BEER and the FOOD!

See for yourself...

This place was awesome.
So glad we made a stop here.
 I mean, who doesn't love good beer with good food and a good view?

(Up next... wineries!)


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