Monday, October 22, 2012

{5 Things I Loved About This Weekend}

This weekend we headed up to New York for a few days surrounded by friends, family, and lots of wine.  Brett's parents rented a cabin right on Chautauqua Lake for the weekend and a bunch of the Heher clan met up for some fun in the New York wine country.  We spent our time making our way around numerous wineries for some wine tasting and luckily got to see our good friends Dan & BreAnne, who we haven't seen since Summer.  It was a great weekend and the gorgeous Fall scenery made it even better.

Here are 5 things I loved about this weekend...

1.  The view from the cabin we stayed in with the Hehers all weekend
and the fact that it had a working fireplace for the chilly nights

2.  Meeting up with Dan & BreAnne (who we haven't seen in for-ev-er)
for some wine tastings and great winery views

3.  Making a stop at Southern Tier Brewing Company in the mist of all the wine tastings
(one of the coolest breweries!)

4.  Being completely surrounded by all the beautiful Fall leaves all weekend

5.  Spending Sunday evening all cozy in the house
baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies & turkey chili

What did you love about this weekend?*

(See things I've loved from past weekends here!)


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! We also had a very cozy laid-back weekend, with homemade treats and pumpkin beer!

  2. What an awesome weekend! Those pumpkin cookies look SO good!

    This weekend, we got together with 2 couples, ate chili, and carved pumpkins!


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