Monday, September 5, 2011

Rainy Days & Bird Bells

{one of my favorite windows in our house}

It's a rainy, rainy Labor Day here.  I don't think the rain has stopped even once since yesterday morning.  Ideally, I love me some sunshine and warm temperatures.  But sometimes the rain is nice.  It almost forces you to stay inside and get stuff done.  Oooor just be lazy and take multiple naps throughout the day.  Either works.  The rainy day has welcomed some much needed relaxation and slowwwwwing down.  Life is busy busy busy these days and sometimes you need something to force you to stop for a second and relax.  Today that something is the rain.


  1. i agree - now that i live in sydney, i love rainy days that force me to stay inside and relax (or be productive...). enjoy! x

  2. Ooo, I love a rainy day... Or week! I'd prefer little sunshine, lots of clouds and mostly rain. <3

    Glad you're having a relaxing, slow, lovely sounding Labor Day!

  3. Sometimes I welcome a rainy day, for the excuse to just stay home and relax. Sounds like a pretty decent weekend to me!

  4. Rain really does force you to be more productive and do things around the house you wouldn't normally want to do. I love rainy days :]


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