Friday, September 2, 2011


Fridays are happy days.
And happy days call for celebrating things that make you happy!
So here's a little list of things currently making me happy...

...Hubby making homemade salsa & mexican twice this week for dinner
...Eating a sweet peach while walking home from the farmer's market last night
...My mom surprising me with tickets to see Wicked with them in September
...Exciting possibilities and plans for the future
...Our Southern California vacation being only 15 days away
...Even though it's September, the forecast is still calling for hot temperatures
...My new and growing love for mountain biking
...An upcoming long 3 day weekend with my hubby
...My new display of my instax polaroids (above)
...My upcoming and much needed hair appointment

Have a happy and relaxing long weekend!*


  1. love those Polaroids! yum, you can't beat homemade salsa....yay for long weekends :)

  2. 1) what a good hubs!!
    2)I love the farmers market! Such a cool vibe too
    3) I need a mountain bike!

    Have a wonderful weekend :)


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