Friday, April 2, 2010

Things I Loved This Week

Happy Friday!!*

This morning I left my house in flipflops and no coat... It's going to be a good day! I've decided to start a Friday ritual post called "Things I Loved This Week". I'll post every Friday recounting the things that made me happy throughout that week. It'll be a nice little remind of how "the sweet, simple things in life are the real ones after all." Enjoy! :)

Things I loved this week...

~trying a new dance class~

~blueberry beer at Fat Heads Saloon~

~South Memphis String Band show at Club Cafe~

~taking a Wednesday evening walk with Brett to get coffee at the Coffee Tree~

~photography lessons on the couch with Brett~

~dinner at the Fajita Grill outside on their cute little porch~

~wearing flipflops and no coat this morning~

~Thursday night walk with Brett and good conversation~

~sincere compliment on my dress from a stranger~

~getting off the bus a couple stops early just to walk in the nice weather a little longer~

~panera hazelnut coffee~

~the weather forecast for this weekend: 80's and sunny!~

~hanging with my family on Saturday~

~the way warm weather and sunshine puts people in better moods~

Those are some of the things I loved about this week. And now it's Friday and I have the whole weekend to look forward to of things to love! We are planning on grilling shish kabobs on our grill tonight for dinner, celebrating Easter with my family tomorrow, and brewing my birthday brew on Sunday! It's going to be a great weekend full of fun, family, and sunshine!

What are some things that you loved this week?!*


  1. ANNNNNNA!! I have something for you to add to your list...You are the top winner of the Super Fantastic Wedding Giveaway!! I'll be sending details your way asap!


  2. I already do something like this on my blog :) Check it out if you don't believe me.

    Hope next week is just as great as this one!

  3. @Heather - WOOHOO! Thank you soo much! This is so exciting!!

    @Ambeerlynn - I just checked out your blog and you do have something just like that! I think that's great - it's always good to focus on the good things in life :)


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