Friday, April 16, 2010

Things I Loved This Week

Woohoo! Friday!
A couple weeks ago, I started a Friday posting ritual called "Things I Loved This Week". I've only done 1 of these posts so far (I was on vacation last Friday with barely any internet service), so here goes round 2!

Things I loved this week...

~our hilton head trip (got home Monday so it counts!)~
~Brett reading me twitter feeds while we drove home from Hilton Head~

~learning about the amish on a 'how stuff works' podcast~

~drinking out of my new coffee mug from Hilton Head~

~looking through our approximate 800 pictures from vacation & missing it already~

~finally getting all caught up on LOST~

~silly car rides~

~registering at Target for wedding gifts (and Brett accidentally chucking the scanner across the store)~

~reading 'Eat, Pray, Love' on my lunch break in a cute little hidden garden in the city~

~Brett making over the sunroom into a pretend porch where we can now eat dinner~

~finsihing my champagne from Hilton Head~

~taking a walk up to Walnut Street with Brett to get ice cream~

~watching the moive "Moon" but falling asleep halfway through~
~checking things off my to-do list for the wedding~
~Brett making me dinner every night this week~
~delicisous cibatta eggplant parm sandwich from Magee's Cafe~
~Brett's homemade stromboli (YUM)~

I'm looking forward to this weekend! Tonight, Brett & I are planning on going to the Thunderbird Cafe in Lawrenceville to check out a band called the Pawnbrokers. I'm excited for that. Tomorrow we are supposed to go to the Pirates game, but the weather forecast is looking kinda nasty, so we'll see about that one. But in general, I'm ready for some weekend relaxing!
What did you love this week?!*


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