Thursday, March 25, 2010

Toubab Krewe

Last Thursday, Brett and I went to see a band called Toubab Krewe at Mr. Smalls venue. We had originally discovered them at the Three Rivers Arts Festival last summer and LOVED them. We sat in the grass in downtown Pittsburgh and watched them bang on their djembes and play all kinds of unique instruments, creating a really original sound that we just loved. Very relaxed, carefree, and unique. When we heard they were coming back to Pittsburgh, we had to go. This show was just as great as the first time we saw them (except it was March and not so warm...). The energy of the band and the carefree attitute of the crowd was the perfect escape from the midweek routine. I hope to see them again sometime soon. Toubab Krewe has definitely made a fan out of me. Check them out!


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