Thursday, March 25, 2010

Live Life

On Tuesday, I headed down to Southside Tattoo to witness my sixteen year old sister Brita and my mom get tattoos. I did not partake in the tattoo getting (I already have 4). My mom had promised Brita that once she turned 16, she could get a tattoo. Well, Brita held her to it and about a week after her 16th birthday, there we were at the tattoo parlour.

They originally made an appointment with tattoo artist, Amy (always go to her) but schedules got mixed up and she wasn't working that day. So artist Joe did the tattoos. Brita looked really nervous and was scared it was really going to hurt. But afterwards, she said it really didn't hurt as much as she was expecting! Here is the end result! (This was literally right after he finished, so it was still red and puffy)

My mom was up next. She already has 3 tattoos, so she knew what to expect and was a lot more calm!

And the end result!

They love them!*


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