Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kayaking at Moraine State Park

We had such a great time kayaking on Sunday!  We haven't been kayaking since our trip to Smith Mountain Lake over 2 years ago.  So we were long overdue... :)  Here are a few more snapshots from our time out on the water... bliss!

Being out on the water all afternoon with the sun shining down and the sailboats passing by was such bliss.  And now Brett and I can't stop talking about buying a small boat or kayaks of our own.  We have so many great bodies of water close by, we'd be crazy not to!  We shall see... ;)

PS -- Thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday!
Really feeling the love lately :)

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  1. Amazing!)) I’m following you with GFC, hope you’ll do the same <3


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