Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Scenes from the Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend Edition!

On Friday after work, Brett and I hit the road to head down to West Virginia for a nice 3 day weekend of camping, hiking, and enjoying the great outdoors.  And it was perfect!


We arrived right as the sun was setting - perfect timing!

We lucked out in getting one of the last campsites right down the road from Blackwater Falls.
Once our little home for the weekend was all set up, we headed into town for some burritos,
then returned to our campsite for some s'mores and relaxing by the fire! 


Stepped out of our tent in the morning to be greeted by glorious weather

Brett picked me a pretty flower on our way out of the campground :)

After Brett did a little mountain biking in the morning,
we headed into Blackwater Falls State Park to check out some awesome views

 The Blackwater River from high above

Headed into a nearby town for dinner at the Purple Fiddle

Glorious weather for beers and food (the cute pig was our "table number") on their patio

We saw an accurate depiction of our future family via some bear statues...
Me with ice cream, Brett with beer, and 2 little kiddies - perfect! ;)

And of course we had to hit up the local brewery: Mountain State Brewing Co
where we danced the night away to a live band - fun times!


We did a huge hike at Dolly Sods and it was so awesome!

We had the most glorious weather all weekend long - perfect hiking weather!

This area was so cool and different than most terrain on the east coast

After our hike, we had dinner at a local pizza place in town that had cool signs all over the walls

And made it back to our campsite just as the sun was setting over the hills

And then it was time for more s'mores! :)


I did some light reading/note taking while Brett went on a short mountain biking ride in the morning

Then we packed up our campsite and hit the road to head home, 
but not without a visit to Deep Creek Lake along the way...
We stopped for lunch at another location of Mountain State Brewing Co
and had great views while we dined on patio

We headed down to the lake and stumbled upon an awesome bar with really cheap drinks!

...Where we proceed to spend the next 4 hours just relaxing, drinking, and taking in the lake views

And then eventually we had to head home...
What a perfect little getaway!
I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend our nice long 3 day weekend!*

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  1. Hi Anna. Great post! I love your pictures, especially the ones with the setting sun and the waterfall! You sure had a wonderful weekend :)


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