Monday, March 18, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend

Making very important decisions on Friday night
The winning lineup, consumed during game night
A foggy Saturday hike at Mingo Creek
Got in about a 6 mile hike before spending the rest of the night drinking for St. Patty's Day
A verrrry late Sunday start with coffee in our shamrock mugs... maybe a liiiitle hungover? No way! ;)
A Sunday evening walk on the trail (the only physical activity we were capable of all day...)
Finishing off St. Patty's Day weekend with homemade reubens!

Thinking back to St. Patty's Day weekend last year...
it was 80 degrees and sunny!
Quite the opposite this year, unfortunately.
I am soo ready for SPRING!

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  1. I also enjoyed some Victory Hop Devil this weekend. Mmm beer! And, a homemade reuben sounds like the perfect hangover snack.


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