Monday, March 11, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend

Friday night spent celebrating my dad's birthday: Opening night of 'OZ' & dinner at Primanti's
A gorgeous Saturday spent hiking at McConnell Mills with Brett's sis and mom
Followed by delicious brews and dinner at North Country Brewing (looove this place)
And an even warmer Sunday with an amazingly rejuvenating (and sweaty) run on the trail
The big ol' sunshine makes me so happy
The first signs that Spring is on the way... here come the daffodils!
Beer speaks ...and I listen!
Yumm, I could have sat here and eaten all of these cupcakes...
Had the parents over for dinner & more celebrating:
Both mom & dad's birthdays are within a couple weeks of each other, so celebrate we did!
 This weekend was just what we needed!
Warm weather, bright sunshine, and lots of time spent outside.
Winter needs to peace out, ASAP.
We are such outdoorsy people...
This is why we need to move somewhere that's warm & sunny all year round. ;)

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  1. aw looks like a gorgeous and fun weekend! and primanti's is a fav of my family's!


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