Monday, May 14, 2012

Biking, I Love You

Monday already?

Why must the weekends always fly by so quickly!?  I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day!  My family had originally planned to do a Mother's Day bike ride downtown with the whole family, but the constant rain decided to ruin those plans for us.  Booo.  Instead, Brett & I spent some time hanging out at my parent's house and then heading to my Aunt's house for dinner.  Still fun, but I was really looking forward to biking!

At least we were able to get a lot of mountain biking in on our trip to Smith Mountain Lake a couple weeks ago!  They have some great trails down there and we ended up going biking twice: once at Anglers Ridge and once at the Smith Mountain Lake State Park.  I think any more than that and my legs would have permanently become jello.

(Brett likes to pick me flowers and stick them in my helmet when we go biking.  LOVE him.)  We had a good couple days biking down there in Virginia.  I just wish we could have went yesterday with the whole fam!  Stupid rain... and it's still raining.  I thought April showers were supposed to bring May flowers!? 

Oh well, on with the week!
(My birthday is Saturday!!)


  1. I am so not tough enough for mountain biking, but i'm always impressed by others who are!

  2. Awesome trail pictures! My husband & I used to go road biking every weekend when we were back in California. I miss those days. You are a rockstar for mountain biking though! I always get a little scared going down hills, especially when I'm clipped in.

  3. Oh, man! I'm loving your blog! Great to see a fellow outdoors-woman :)


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