Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekend Road Trippin' - Part 1

Chocolate, beer, and live music.

That pretty much sums up our road trip this past weekend!  It was such a nice mini weekend getaway.  We headed out bright and early Saturday morning.  We were going to leave Friday night, but decided it would have been much too rushed to try to get packed and out the door after work.  So Saturday morning it was.  The sun was shining, we were hopped up on coffee, and zooming down the turnpike to Harrisburg.

Before heading into Harrisburg, we detoured to Hershey for some chocolate and beer!  But first, lunch.  As soon as we pulled into the town of Hershey, we found a cute little cafe: The Chocolate Avenue Grill.  It hit the spot!

After lunch, we went directly across the street to HERSHEY PARK!  I haven't been to Hershey Park since I was wee little.  I looove chocolate, so this was uber exciting.  I was probably more excited than some of the 5 year olds there...  don't care!  And you better believe we road the Chocolate Tour Ride.  We maaaay have been the only couple there without small children... again, don't care!  We got free chocolate at the end, so that was all that mattered.  

After Chocolate World, we put on our "adult" pants and made our way over to Troegs Brewing Company.  This brewery was AWESOME.  In fact, it's getting its own post because of its complete awesomeness.  We spent a couple hours there taste testing beers and wandering around the brewery on a self-guided tour.  It was awesome.

Once we got our fill of beer for the afternoon, we headed over to downtown Harrisburg, where we were spending the night.  We got to the hotel and were happy to discover that they upgraded our room to a King suite!  Heeeyooo!  And then we took a nap...

Once we got our second wind, we were ready to take on the night!  We grabbed some beers & dinner at a local pub McGrath's, then made our way over to the Appalachian Brewing Company for WinterFest.  For a $10 entrance fee, we got to see over 15 live bands on 2 stages while drinking awesome beer into the wee hours of the night.  It was seriously so much fun.  Our favorite band of the night was a blue grass band from Scranton, PA and I can't remember their name, but they were awesome!  We had such a blast.  The night ended with pizza.  Obviously. 

(I didn't realize how many photos I was going to have from this little weekend trip, so I split it up into 2 posts.  Part 2 coming soon!)


  1. Oh my stars - this makes me want to go on a weekend adventure right this very second! Or the very least, a good brewery. ; ) Thanks for sharing!

    1. We are suckers for good breweries... They are just so much fun!

  2. Wow I got the best blog This is sweet I love it.

  3. Where, oh where, did you get your sweater?!

    Keep on keeping on!


    1. I got my sweater at a discount store, like TJMaxx or Marshalls... Haha I'll have to look up the brand name. It is sooooo comfy!


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