Tuesday, February 28, 2012

4th Place!!

This past weekend, we headed up to Erie for Brewerie's Brewer's Cup Home Brew Festival!  This festival consisted of about 25 home brewers who brought their beers to be taste tested by anyone who came to the festival.  Of course, Brett entered 2 of his home brewed beers!  Over 500 people turned out for this event.  So that was over 500 people who got to taste test Brett's beer and tell him what they think!  There was also a contest at the end of the festival for everyone to vote on their favorite beers.  It was a packed house!       

This event was SO much fun!
And the best part of all....
Brett's beer won 4th place out of 50 beers!!!

I am SO proud of him.  He works soo hard on the beer that he home brews.  Of course, I may be biased, but I think Brett's beer is the best beer in the entire world.  But for him to get great recognition for it from strangers is completely awesome.  I think we will definitely be doing more events like this.  It was just so much fun!



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