Thursday, September 16, 2010

through the eyes of my iphone

my iphone pretty much comes everywhere with me.
and i take a lot of pictures with it.
so sometimes i like to look through my photo library
and see what it's been seeing lately.
so here's my life the past couple days
through the eyes of my iphone...

in our new house, we have a backyard (!!!)
and there is this family of deer that frequent it a lot.
we were sitting outside on our patio saturday morning
drinking coffee and chatting
and they decided to join us.
i love living outside of the city now!
gorgeous sky on my commute to work
there's something so calming and peaceful about the early morning

p-i-t-t let's go pitt!
we have season tickets to pitt's football games this year!
brett and i both went to pitt
and i now work at pitt
so we are big fans!

i just started reading a new book:
"the happiness project"
by gretchen rubin
i'm only a chapter in,
but i really like it!

heaven in our backyard
we got this hammock from brett's aunt for my bridal shower
but haven't been able to put it up... until now!
living in an apartment in the city on the 2nd floor
wasn't very hammock friendly...

waiting for the bus one morning
i love me some coffee
and my hipstamatic iphone app...

yuengling beer bread!
i am on a baking roll lately...
i think it's because of the changing season
once again, heaven
i could lay here all day...

i call these my "penny lane" sunglasses

coffee & blogging on my day off last week

first pumpkin spice latte of the season!
which now brings back the memories of
going to the bridal show last fall with jess and brita,
when jess showed up at my house
with surprise pumpkin spice lattes!
loooooverrrrr you, ju!
i told you i was on a baking roll...
my speciality oatmeal raisin cookies!
brett says these are his favorite! :)
so that's been my life the last couple days...
i love having my iphone with me
because i can snap pictures at the most random moments.
i don't always have my real camera with me
so it's a really nice substitute.
i love you, iphone!


  1. Isn't the iphone amaaazing! These pics turned out great!

  2. @JMay Thanks!! PS - Just discovered your blog and I LOVE it!! :)


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