Friday, September 10, 2010

annnnd i'm bored

please excuse me,
for i am bored...

01. What is the date and day?: september 10, 2010 - friday!
02. What is the time?: 2:02 pm
03. What time did you wake up this morning?: 5:15 am
04. What did you eat for breakfast?: starbucks pumpkin spice latte & special k cinnamon pecan cereal
05. Was it tasty?: delicious! oh, how i've missed the pumpkin spice latte
06. What did you do first thing this morning? yawned & showered
07. Who was the first person you spoke to?: hubby, brett making fun of me for not being able to get out of the garage
08. Did you work or go to school?: currently at work
09. What kind of mood have you been in all day?: sleeeepy
010. Any particular reasons for that?: just trying to adjust to my new schedule since moving
011. So what have you been up to today?: showered & got ready, got in a fight with the garage door on my way out of the house, caught the bus, went to starbucks, and now i'm currently at work... but soon to be done!
012. What has the weather been like?: chilly! i'm not used to this... where did the warm weather go?
013. What clothes have you worn?: my "cowboy" jeans (as brett likes to call them... why? i have no idea), brown shirt, tan gap zip-up hoodie, brown sandals
014. Jewelery?: engagement and wedding rings - that's it! i even forgot to put in earrings today...
015. Make-up?: bit of mascara & blush
016. What friends or acquaintances have you seen?: brett, co-workers
017. Did you see a boyfriend or girlfriend?: hubby brett
018. Who have you been most annoyed with today?: no one has annoyed me today! yet...
019. Who or what has made you laugh?: reading this blog - seriously hilarious
020. What did you eat for lunch?: turkey sandwich and a peach!
021. Any alcohol today?: not yet, but it is definitely on the adgenda!
022. Did you do anything you weren't supposed to?: no, unless you count surfing the internet all day long... :)
023. Argued with anyone?: nope
024. Watched any movies?: nope
025. TV?: nope
026. What music have you listened to?: jackie greene's album - "till the light comes"
027. Have you travelled anywhere?: just to work
028. Is today a special today for any reason?: it's friday! i'd say that's pretty special!
029. What shops have you been into?: just starbucks
030. Have you bought anything?: no, i used my starbucks gift card from ju for my latte this morning!!
031. Have you had dinner yet?: nope
032. If so, what did you have?: --
033. What are your plans for this evening?: do laundry, organize the new house, prepare for darron's visit!
034. Do you think today has been a good or bad day?: it's been pretty good
035. Did anything disastrous happen?: nope
036. Or... anything generally out of the ordinary?: nope
037. What are you doing tomorrow?: tailgating, then going to the PITT game!
038. What underwear are you wearing today? haha is this necessary?
039. What shoes have you worn?: brown sandals
040. What time is it now?: 2:15 pm

sorry for this useless & pointless post...


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