Thursday, September 23, 2010

happy things, happy things

things that are currently making anna happy:
(yes, i just referred to myself in third person)

finding out that united airlines is giving my husband and i
$150 EACH for our next flight with them...
all because the tvs weren't working on our flight on our honeymoon.
can you say...

planning said free vacation!
where will we go?
when will we go?
how excited are we!

it's officially fall!
i loooove summer, but i'm super excited for fall.
the scarves, the boots, the pumpkin spice lattes,
the football games, the crisp weather, the pretty leaves,
the pumpkin patches, the apple cider, the pumkpin beer,
the list goes on and on...

today is my friday!
at work, our office does a program where we work
extra hours throughout the week
and then get a day off every 2 weeks.
so tomorrow i have off!

planning other mini vacations/roadtrips!
my husband and i are OBSESSED with traveling.
we absolutely love going on trips together.
and we love all the planning for the trips.
maybe a little too much...
we are obsessed with researching things,
but are also obsessed with completely changing our minds.
and sometimes we end up researching something for hours,
and then decide to do something completely different...
and then the research begins for that.
it's a cycle...but we eventually end up with
a GREAT trip planned!

my new san francisco background on my work computer.
(shown above)
it's a photo of the san francisco bay at sunrise
and it is gorgeous.
and it reminds me of our honeymoon
and it makes me feel all cozy and nostalgic.

our coffee maker that has a self-timer.
this thing is awesome.
every night (when i'm not sleepy), i set it
and then at 6am on the dot (when i AM sleepy),
the coffee begins a brewin!
and i don't have to do anything
except pour it into my coffee travel mug.

dreaming about pumpkin patches.
i can't wait to go to a pumpkin patch
and pick out some sweet pumpkins.
and then bring them home and carve them
and put them on our steps outside our house!
because now that we actually live in a house,
we can do things like this!
we will get little trick or treaters!

happy happy joy joy!

our back patio.
we have a big patio in our backyard of our new house
and we just got great patio furniture for it,
(thanks mom!)
hung twinkle lights, and set up our hammock.
we are obsessed with being outside,
so it is such a relief that we finally live somewhere
where we can sit outside and enjoy the outdoors.
it is seriously perfect.
and i think we've got plenty of time
to enjoy the patio before the cold weather rolls in.

my husband.
i have no explanation for this one.
he just simply makes me happy
every day.

what things are making you happy
right at this very moment?!*

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  1. I love your happy list! Traveling is amazing and how awesome that United is basically giving you a free vaca! I can't wait to see what you have planned!!

    The automated timer for the coffee pot is a life saver! I don't know how to function so early without it!

    & thanks for stopping by my blog! Hanson is the best! I have all their CDs but I've only seen them in concert 3 times. Totally not enough! I've loved them since Mmmbop! So glad to have found another Hanson fan!!

    Happy Fall <3


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