Wednesday, September 8, 2010

one month already!

yesterday was our one month anniversary of getting married!
i can't believe it's been a month already...
it feels like our wedding was just yesterday!

ever since we got home from our honeymoon
newlywed life has been hectic
with brett's new job and us moving into a house!
yesterday was spent unpacking and organizing our house
and we were so distracted that we almost forgot it was the 7th!

brett went to the grocery store around 8:30 last night to get something for dinner
and while there, i got this text from him that said
"put some wine in the freezer, it's our 1 month!"
so i threw in a bottle of chardonnay from sterling winery
(that we got on our honeymoon)!

when brett got home, he whipped up a tasty dinner of
cheesy garlic bread and spinach raviolis,
and we cleared a tiny space for the dining room table
and had a wonderful little one month anniversary dinner
among the boxes and boxes that still need unpacked,
and it was perfect.

the end.


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